2011: The Year’s Hottest Baby Names

At the start of this year, Isabella and Jacob were the baby names to beat. Both were the number one choice for parents in 2010 according to the Social Security Administration, but after two years at the top is Isabella old news? And is Jacob’s reign finally over? It is too soon to know for sure, but there do seem to be some new name contenders on the block.

While Hollywood continued to be a naming inspiration this year, one particular movie is starting to see its influence wane. “Twilight” names, like Bella, Edward, and Kellan are slowing down as the movies come to an end. The numbers will likely start to fall in 2012. But for 2011, they will still be near the top of the list.

The Beckhams were poised to introduce a new popular name into the mix this year, but they went with a favorite from 2010, Harper. With that name being old news already, Posh didn’t start any 2011 baby girl trends.

But Pippa Middleton did.

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