3 Easy Tips to Keep Maternity Fashion Sexy During Pregnancy

Voluptuous Pregnancy Curves are Hot

Sexy maternity fashion is not an oxymoron. Throughout history, a woman’s voluptuous  pregnancy curves have caught the eye of many men. Why should now be any different? Why not spin your growing silhouette into something to celebrate stylishly?

Three Fashion  Rules to Follow:

1) The little black dress. There’s simply no better way to flaunt your gorgeous pregnant body than in a classic little black dress. Need an excuse to wear it? Plan a sexy night out with your husband or call a girls’ night out of wining and dining.  Tell your friends you’ll be the designated driver and it’ll be on! (Plus they’ll owe you one post baby!) Choose a little black dress in a stretchy knit fabric that can grow as you grow, knits are the most comfortable too.

2) Show off a little leg. You can offset the gi-normous-ness of your growing belly by accentuating your legs in solid opaque tights beneath a dress.  Even try pairing sleek leggings beneath a tunic-length sweater. Never forget how sensuous showing off a little leg can be, baby bump or not.

3) Scoop-necks and V-necks tend to beautify the bustline nicely. And now more than ever, with you’re tata’s recent growth spurt during pregnancy. An empire waist showcases your lovely curves too, while providing a little comfortable support.

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