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is having a baby at 35 safe

Having a Baby At 35, Is it Safe?

More and more women are having babies later in life. Whether it be for career or personal reasons, 1 in 5 American women now have their first baby after age Read More
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Over 40 & Pregnant? You're in Good Company!

Congratulations are in order for Uma Thurman, who is the latest star to join the 40+ baby club. Whata�?s that, you ask? According the CDC, ita��s the only group of Read More
Natural Childbirth Vs Epidural

Medication-Free, Natural Childbirth

Pain management is just as important as what you'll name your baby, whether you'll breastfeed and how much time you'll take on maternity leave. If you prefer natural childbirth,you have Read More
What is The Importance of a Bedtime Routine

The Importance of a Bedtime Routine

When babies are born, they have no concept about when to sleep and when to wake. They learn good sleep habits from their parents, who fantasize about the days when Read More