Your Child’s Infant Development Stages

Infant Development Stages: Seven to Nine Months

During the second half of a baby’s first year, movement becomes a big part of the infant development stages. This is the stage of life where babies will usually learn to roll over and may begin scooting, or crawling on hands and knees.

Babies should be able to sit up and support themselves without any help during this stage. It is also during this stage that babies usually begin to comprehend familiar words like names.

About Infant Development Stages

Infant Development Stages: Ten to Twelve Months

Many developmental milestones have usually been reached by the end of a baby’s first year of infant developmental stages. Babies will begin to learn to feed themselves by grasping small finger foods, like cereals.

Babies may also begin to speak a few words, and take first steps, but this can vary greatly from baby to baby.

Infant development stages produce radical changes in the first year of life. However, it’s important to remember that not every child will reach these infant development stages at the same time, so do not stress if your child is experiencing developmental milestones at a faster or slower pace than other children.

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