Smart Infant Care Tips

Infant Care Tips Regarding Bath Wisdom

Bathing a brand new baby is one of the sweetest bonding experiences between a parent and child. There are some important infant care tips to follow before you give your newborn their debut dunking experience.

Babies require sponge baths exclusively until their umbilical cords falls out. This usually takes one to four weeks. Baby boys require sponge bathes for the first two weeks after a circumcision even if their umbilical cord falls out sooner. Make sure that you are equipped with a special tub and a soft washcloth so that your baby is not injured during bathing.

Smart Infant Care Tips

A sponge bath does not require a lot of water and you should gently pat the baby’s skin with the washcloth in order to get them clean. One of the infant care tips many parents forget is to make sure you have a set of clean clothes set aside in advance for when the bath is over so that you don’t have to frantically search your baby’s drawers for something to wear while the baby waits to dry off.

Being prepared as a new parent is about being informed instead of feeling panicked. These infant care tips are important to remember when the chaos of bringing home a baby takes over your life.

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